Culturism (cǔl-chər-ǐz-əm) n. The use of philosophy, art, governance policy and science to honor, promote, manage and protect traditional majority cultures.


Culturist (cǔl-chər-ǐst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism. 2. One who engages in the philosophy, arts, policy creation and sciences that promote, protect and manage traditional majority cultures. 3. Adj. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy.





Whereas multiculturalism emphasizes diversity, and drives us apart, culturism emphasizes our unity.


Whereas multiculturalism says the West has no core cultures into which to assimilate, culturism affirms that western nations have wonderful core traditional cultures to protect and promote.


Culturism asks immigrants to assimilate.


Immigration limitations

Latin American and Islamic immigration to the West must stop now.

Islam is on this list because its culture is incompatible with and hostile to Western culture.


Latin America is on this list because large unassimilated Spanish speaking areas have driven us towards a culturally divided nation. 

While this is inherently dangerous, Mexico and the United StatesÕ history of war over territory makes the cleft very dangerous.


If foreign peoples are the majority in an area, they will not assimilate to the wider country. Once immigrant descendants have become linguistically and culturally assimilated, this policy can be reconsidered.


Possible repatriation

Another position paper details repatriation policy. Suffice it here to say that, in America, displays of 'fealty to foreign potentates' provide evidence that you perjured yourself during your naturalization proceedings: your adopted citizenship contract is thus null and void.


Refuse non-Western Policies


Our schools should not be hallal, you must show your face for government identification, polygamy is illegal. We must not budge on these laws in order to reinforce that we have a particular culture into which to assimilate. 


No dual citizenship

Ending dual citizenship is necessary because it forces a choice of loyalties.  In our current divided cultural state, in this policy arena, culturist policy considerations need to trump individualistic policy considerations



Western schools must teach that the West and western nations are the best. Multiculturalism saying all cultures are equally wonderful; undermines our schools' ability to inculcate Western pride in our values and achievements. We need culturist curriculum.


Western festivals

Federal, State and local governments should celebrate western history and holidays. Conversely, they should not fund celebrations of other nations or their cultures.


While attendance at such events should never be compulsory, these celebrations will provide an opportunity for new citizens to show public enthusiasm for their adopted nations.


These celebrations should be as fun as possible.


Flags and anthems

Government offices and institutions receiving government funds should be required to fly the national flag.


We should play our national anthems on public television and radio stations at designated times.  Patriotic programming should be funded and aired.

Moving beyond sporting events, movie theaters and other public events might be encouraged to play the anthem prior to beginning.


We should encourage people to stand whenever the anthem plays.  Thus those who don't will feel uncomfortable. As mentioned before, as the West values freedom, there should be no compulsion.


Monolingual government

Government transactions should only take happen in the traditional majority language of your nation. Language is a primary source of unity. Not providing services in foreign languages forces new citizens to learn the national language: this is an essential part of being a citizen.


Moreover, conducting government work in foreign languages creates enclaves where only foreigners may be hired. This creates foreign dominated communities, which leads to enclaves where only foreigners can be elected.


 In democracies, such enclaves make passing immigration laws difficult, which undermines national sovereignty.


No remittances


U.S. residents annually send more money in remittances to other nations than the combined debt of several of our major states. Sending money abroad while our nation is in debt shows poor citizenship.

We need to end remittances, to the extent legally possible, for fiscal reasons.  But, just as importantly, such restrictions will force people to decide if they are working for the benefit of America or a foreign nation.


Reinstate real citizenship oaths

Citizenship is a matter of the heart, not paperwork.  If you prioritize your rights over the welfare of the nation you reside in, youÕre not a citizen, no matter what your paperwork says. 


To reinforce this culturist truth, we must reaffirm the legal standing of loyalty oaths for those seeking to become new citizens. 

And, as discussed in the remittance chapter, we must prosecute and repatriate those who perjured themselves during their naturalization process.


Assimilation Conclusion

Citizenship means supporting the nation's traditional majority culture. People of varied heritage and races can celebrate the greatness of the West and western nations. But this will only happen if we reject multiculturalism and legally acknowledge, protect and promote our traditional majority cultures.