Dearest media,


Here are some questions that you can use in interviews. The "Are You a Culturist?" quiz and "Culturist debate guide" at are also good sources of questions.


What is the definition of culturism?


How does culturism help to disarm those who abuse the word racism?


What about our relationship with Mexicans and Mexico?


How does culturism help to counter multiculturalists?  What is wrong with multiculturalism?


What would a culturist say about racial profiling?. 


What would culturist foreign policy look like?


What does Western culture mean to you?


Isn't the whole world becoming more Western without culturism?


Does culturism hold that the West is superior to other cultures?


Is it true that culturism is against human rights?


What are the biggest culturist threats facing the West today?  


You say that culturism is an American tradition. Can you give any examples?


How does culturism navigate or compare with the “culture wars?”


Why is the private and public distinction so important to culturism? Alternately, does culturism support censorship?


What does culturism have to say about the recent "honor killings" in Texas?


You write that culture only exists in heads and land, please elaborate.


Is it true that culturism denies universal values?


Is culturism a form of cultural relativism then?


If what the majority culture likes deterrmines right and wrong, what would you say about NAZI Germany?


Can we then say that genocide is wrong in Sudan?


What can we learn from the Yanomami?


What should we know about the Alamo?


What is the robber’s cave experiment?


How does the myth of the noble savage hurt us?


I look forward to being on your show!! John Press