'Culturism' is the opposite of 'multiculturalism.'

The West does have a core traditional culture to guide, protect, and promote.

And, to protect our culture, we must be able to say, "Whites built western civilization!"

     - Zombie Reviews:

"Great zombie action and deep philosophy sprinkled with a hefty dose of spiritual insight, this book truly packs a punch and is not shy to revel in its pro-Western gladiatorial bias." - Amazon Reviewer

"I was stunned by the graphic descriptions of sheer brutality and the plot twists that kept me on the edge of my seat. Intrigues, betrayal and depravity… It’s all there! Read it and find out if the devil gets his due." - Amazon Reviewer

     - Culturism Reviews:

"Culturism [makes] an important contribution to the increasingly urgent task of defining and protecting western culture." - New Zealand Conservative

"As I read brief passages from each chapter of the book, I couldn't help but keep repeating to myself, 'Of course, of course, it just all made perfect sense." " - NewsByUs.com