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The Occidental Soapbox has a must see video history of the crusades.

I contribute to the Infidel Blogger's Alliance

Religion of Peace tracks the over 11,000 Islamic attacks since 9/11.

Gripes of Wrath is one of my favorite sites to hand out at!

Always on Watch has created a great community and does fine radio.

Michelle Malkin's analysis has a very culturist outlook. She puts us first.

Digger's culturist awareness is strong . His articles can inspire the citizen - activist in you.

Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch follows Jihad's progress well

I love Pamela and her analysis

Chronicles, though often to my right, provides great insight

Stop the Madrassa does very important work - trying to stop the spread of Islamic public schools in the United States. As few work on this vital issue, you should contact them and get active on this issue.

The best of Western Art can be found at art renewal

The West's scientific promise and character gets highlighted here

ISI has lectures about the state of culture: video and audio

Grassfire has done great immigration work

Americans for Legal Immigration provides a good community

Terresa of NoisyRoom consistently finds the most important articles for you to read

Robert Bellah's descriptions of the breakdown of our social capital wrought by individualism is also insightful and profound

Radio by Luca Zanna, whose patriotic music I like

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