Culturists believe the West has a unique civilization to protect and guide. Thus, culturism is largely concerned with the domestic solvency of the West. Thus, foreign policy is not a focus and this final policy paper will be short. 


Culturists believe diversity is real. Israel has a majority culture, protects and promotes it. Israel, like China, has a nearly racist state. If not purely racist, other nations are culturist. The West also has a right to be culturist.


Western culturists only care about western cultures in foreign policy. If Iran takes Iraq, it is only important to the extent that it might threaten a western nation. We have allies. But, entire regions of the world are non-western and not our concern.


Via good fences, culturist aim for a peaceful world of separate civilizations and nations.  Saudi Arabia, Israel, Mexico, China, the Muslim World, etc, are culturist. Western culturists do not necessarily begrudge them their protection of their traditional majority culture.  We simply assert the West's right to also have culturist rights.


Culturists dislike the term 'human rights.' As only the West believes in rights, as we construe them. They are properly 'western' rights. Thus, to protect said 'rights; concept, we need to protect the West. That's why western culturism is the new liberalism.


Get Out of the Middle East


The US is officially in Iraq and Afghanistan to turn them into western-style progressive democracies with freedom of speech, separation of church and state, women's rights, gay rights, etc. However, Islamic nations reject these values; the fact of cultural diversity dooms these nation-building missions.


From a culturist perspective, what Muslims do to each other is not our business. If China does not have a democracy or gay rights, that is not our business. Our culturist job is to protect our own western traditional majority culture, not to go bankrupt undermining other nations' sovereignty.


Bomb When You Bomb!


That is not to say that culturist foreign policy is strictly isolationist. If a nation attacks us, we should bomb them so heavily and hard that they will remember it for a long time. Then, the next time a terrorist group tries to set up camp in their nation, the country might put some effort into rooting them out.


But, once we have inflicted punishment, our job is done. We do not need to put any money or lives into trying to improve the lives of our enemyÕs civilization. Non-western nation building violates western culturist principles. 


Iran Cannot Have the Bomb


Because they are our enemy, Iran cannot have nuclear weapons. If they do not dismantle their means of production voluntarily, we should use military force to eradicate their bomb-making potential.


After that, again, we should leave Iran immediately. We should not try to turn them into a progressive democracy. Let them cultivate their own vision in their area.


Reject Non-Western Asylum Seekers


Multiculturalists tell us that, since the West has no core culture, everyone can be Western. But culturists believe that Muslims are not Western. They do not share our values, history or culture. We should reject all non-Western asylum seekers.


This policy is not cruel. Rights are not metaphysical. They exist in the western culture on western soil. If the West falls neither China, Israel nor Iran will promote Ôhuman rights. To protect rights, we must protect the West.


As there is a ÔMuslim world,Õ Muslim refugees should go there. 


Foreign Aid


We should not give foreign aid to non-western countries. We should give no more aid to the ÔPalestiniansÕ than Saudi Arabia gives to Israel. We have a side. We should neither aid nor arm our enemies. 


Take Sides


Culturism is better than nationalism as it allows for a western alliance. The Muslims have a concept of 'ummah,' the greater Islamic community. The Islamic world exists. We too need to realize some nations are western or western leaning. Some are not.


If France is attacked, we should react. If Syria has a civil war, that is none of our business. Israel is a nominally Western nation. We can send it aid. But, the Palestinians are members of the Islamic ummah. We should not give them a penny.


Globalist Trade


Culturism does not oppose trade between civilizations. If a true win-win trade situation can be identified, we should not fear it. But, we should not pretend that long-term regional culturist strategic competition does not exist. We should not sell our ports or mineral rights to competing civilizations.


We must denounce 'western' politicians who make trade deals to help 'the world,' 'the global community,' or 'humanity' rather than to benefit the West and its member nations. Our politicians should be belligerently culturist. Our trade policy must aggressively aim to aid the West.