Culturist Profiling Overall


Our police, airports, employers, anti-terror units and immigration officers need to engage in culturist profiling.  But, they cannot do so because multiculturalists have convinced America that discussing negative aspects of cultural diversity is 'racist.'


While race may increase predispositions to certain behaviors, culture regulates their expression.  For example, as black two–parent families have been ruined by the welfare state, the black crime rate has risen enormously.


Framed as 'racial profiling' targeted groups feel somewhat justified resentment. By focusing on culture, 'culturist profiling' can provide valuable culturist feedback to impacted communities, reform mores, and save lives.

Culturist Profiling of Blacks


The term 'racial profiling' comes from police supposedly excessively suspecting blacks to be criminal.  But, the rate at which police stop blacks nearly perfectly mirrors their higher crime rates


Though black crime rates are much higher than those of other groups, most blacks are not criminals.  But, if a black person is sporting 'thug-life' attire, they have nearly confessed criminal affiliation and can be suspected of reported crimes.


Culturist profiling is rational and statistical. If at some future date, the black crime rate drops to that of whites, profiling of black youth should stop.  And, conversely, if the white crime rate rose – for any category of crime – white profiling would then be justified.


In the meantime, honestly admitting the need for culturist profiling can help blacks be clear about the impact of welfare and family breakdown: both responsibility and hope follow this clarity.


Culturist Profiling at Airports


Being Muslim, male, named 'Muhammad' and traveling back and forth from a Muslim nation are all statistically associated with a risk of terrorism. People that fit this culturist profile must have extra scrutiny every time they fly.


Culturist profiling is not racist.  Many Hindus have dark skin. Yet, no Hindus have committed international acts of terror.  If your name is Krishna, and you're flying from India, you do not merit culturist profiling.


Ironically, multiculturalists would literally rather you die in a fiery terrorist act than admit that cultural diversity is real.  Blindness to cultural diversity is not a virtue – it is deadly.


Culturist Profiling in Employment


Muslims should not be hired as baggage handlers at airports, work in nuclear power plants or hold government positions related to national security.

Culturist Profiling Limits


If Muslims works in an innocuous place, say a bank or shoe store, they should be protected against irrelevant discrimination, just like other groups.


Honest Muslims will understand the rationale behind culturist profiling in security-sensitive fields. Culturist profiling, if explained, need not create resentment.

Culturist Profiling at Mosques


Mosques should be monitored for radical teaching because many condone terrorism and other anti-western practices. Additionally, radical mosque members merit scrutiny for possible repatriation.


But, Muslims who do not attend mosque or attend one wherein no radical doctrines are preached, should not be so scrutinized. Culturist profiling is both rational and subtle.


Culturist Profiling in Immigration Enforcement


Mexicans have higher birthrates and lower educational attainment than Canadians, as well as a language barrier. Most importantly, the Mexican – American War has left lingering confusion over our sovereignty.


These facts make Trump's focus on the Southern border culturist, not racist.  Yet, the two are not totally distinct.


If, in a traffic stop, if you look Mexican and speak no English, it is not unreasonable to assume you are in the US illegally.  But, no matter your skin color, if you do not speak the nation's language, suspecting you're an immigrant is not unreasonable. 


Cultural diversity is real and has predictive validity.  We must be able to use culturist information when making and enforcing our laws.

Culturist Profiling Conclusion


Divergent cultural doctrines and historically-based grudges rationally justify long-term culturist profiling. In other instances, short-term statistics justify temporary culturist profiling. 


Rather than being proof that the West is xenophobic, irrationally and racist, historical trends and statistical differentiation prove that cultural diversity is real.  Our laws should recognize the existence of western culture and the reality of cultural diversity.


To save our lives and protect our civilization, our immigration laws, hiring practices, airport screening, domestic counter – terror initiatives and policing need to engage in culturist profiling.