Defining the West


The first person to be called a 'culturist' who practiced 'culturism,' was Matthew Arnold, (1822 – 1880). He defined the West as an amalgam of 'Athens and Jerusalem.' That is Science, our Greek humanistic tradition (Athens), and Christianity (Jerusalem) define the West. These strains reinforce each other. 


Both Socrates and Jesus, representing Athens and Jerusalem, teach that our minds / souls are more important than our bodies. Fighting with bodily/worldy temptations that distract us from our calling, is the source of Western morals. ArnoldÕs father promoted the 'Muscular Christianity' message that if lust directs your life choices, you are a sort of slave. 


Science believes religion is the result of gene-culture co-evolution. Christianity unifies the West. This is not metaphysical. Our brains are not fully mature until past our teens, because we're designed to absorb the culture into which we are born. Our meme is Christianity. Go team!


As the culturist Arnold told us, tribes' religious stories aid survival. If everyone adopted the Black Lives Narrative, our police would be overwhelmed. If the West does not acknowledge its Christian roots, Islam will overwhelm our borders.


Culturist Legal Standing


Globalist and multiculturalists (two sides of the same coin) urge government neutrality in regards to culture. Sadly, the Middle East nor China abide to this multicultural demand. The West is the only region that isn't culturist, that doesn't write laws to protect its traditional majority culture.


Our government policies' neutrality in regards to our culture is recent. US immigration laws favored Protestant immigrants from Northern Europe until 1965. Europe only decided to open its borders to former colonial subjects after World War II. The West having culturist laws violates neither international norms nor our historic norms. 


Individual rights are too often used as a defense of overtly anti-social and destructive activities. Individual rights can only be sustained within the context of a solvent nation. People should be free to pursue any responsible path they desire. But, laws are moral.  And, culturist survival means destructive behaviors cannot be subsidized.


Culturist Language and Governance


All governmental transactions should happen in the language of the traditional majority culture. This will promote the culturist moral that society requires integration.


In the US, if employment in the post offices and schools require Spanish, Mexicans are at an advantage. This creates discrimination against the population to whose country the immigrants are entering.


When people do not integrate linguistically, this creates pockets where monolingual politicians cannot get elected. With every pro-immigrant politician, it becomes harder to pass immigration restrictions. Sovereignty is lost.

Publically funded institutions that have multicultural or diversity events or departments, need to be replaced with culturist ones, aimed at unity. And, in governance, the phrase, for culturist purposes, and in culturist interests standing, should be used.


You can help make the courts recognize western cultureÕs legal standing. How? By spending the words 'culturist' & 'culturism.'




Islamic immigration must be stopped. Refuges threaten the health of Europe. As Middle Eastern and Asian nations, the West also has a culturist right to deny people for incompatibility with their traditional core culture.


Banning hijabs is a wonderful culturist policy. We should not, as France, enact such laws in the name of a enforcing a culturally neutral, secular public space. Such laws should be done to assert that public space in Europe is European.


Sharia law cannot be recognized in a western nation. Discriminating on behalf of your civilizationÕs legal system is a definition of sovereignty. Western law cannot be indifferent to its own existence nor the breadth of its reign. This logic provides standing for western culturist law generally.




Culturist Law and Polygamy


As an exemplary case, polygamy proponents will put forward a single example of an individual who is made happy via polygamy, who says no one is being harmed and frame it as a right. This stresses individual rights and individual situations.


Culturist legislators must think in terms of culturist group dynamics generally, not just specific instances. What if a pimp decides to marry his whores for their welfare checks? What of polygamy in Muslim communities? What of an app where class action marriages happen for benefits? What will this due to traditional marriages?


Polygamy, furthermore, is a marker of distinction between Western practices and Islamic practice. Polygamous animals are more aggressive and hierarchical. We need to use monogamy to remember that we do have a distinct culture. The West is the monogamous romantic love culture that aims at a nuclear family.


Gay Marriage Rights


Homosexuality, as with any complex trait, is not purely genetic.[i] Environmental factors trigger the expression of genes concerning sexual orientation.[ii] The percent of youth identifying as ÔstraightÕ is declining in the West.[iii] Science has not concluded that celebrating sexuality in media and schools could not impact sexuality. 


Current research indicates that children of homosexual couples have worse outcomes than those of straight parents.[iv] Yes, a statistically-based culturist value judgment follows. It would have been prudent for the courts to have approached gay marriage with a culturist scientific-statistical approach, rather than an individual ÔrightsÕ based one.


Then again, in the face of Islam, some theorists have made acceptance of homosexuality the marker of western modernity.[v] But, while culturists of good will may disagree over gay marriage, none would enter this discussion without considering the potential impact on the health of our culture, families and children.


Fault-free Divorce Laws Should Be Reconsidered


Divorce laws should aim at strengthening families. Our laws should recognize the fact that having both fathers and mothers leads to the socially healthy child. Families that stay together model morals in settings governments cannot reach. 


Children's rights and the need of the family and society, contextualize parent's individual rights. And, the level of divorce in our culture should have some standing. Again, all laws are moral. We should not pretend otherwise. 




Culturist Rights and Welfare


Women have an individual right to make babies with several men; society has a culturist right to not subsidize such irresponsibility. People whose actions are blatantly irresponsible should lose their welfare benefits.


All laws have moral content. People who ask, ÔWho is society to judge?Õ should be made aware of the WestÕs tradition of esteeming those who use their minds to control their genitals. And, if that doesnÕt grab them, tell them that itÕs a law like gravity: depravity leads to downfall. We cannot subsidize it.


Culturism and Economics


As with the welfare / workfare level, all economics are cultural. Trump's 'America First,' non-globalist, tariff talk builds culturist pride. Trump's esteem for work, changes social status hierarchies and so might encourage more folks to be employed and proud of it.


Large pools of cooperating people is necessary for developing innovated economies.[vi] And, Robert Putnam showed that economic growth dips when social capital dips.[vii] When economic sectors are linguistically segregated, efficiency suffers. Culturist economics pays attention to social capital.


Furthermore, (IQ aside), some cultures' values result in first world economies.[viii]Culture is not trivial. Saying that Asians study more than African – Americans,overall, is not racist, it is culturist. We need to discriminate in favor of immigrants whose cultures have been shown to be able to sustain a first world economy.


Culturists work to save the West, and so consider culture inestimably more important than economics. Replacing our native population with foreign youth because the economy needs workers, is the pinnacle of absurdity for a culturist. And, if hiring legal farm workers means paying more, farm owners must automate or pay more. 


Culturist Remittances Policy


Immigrants sent $133 billion in remittances to their home country from the United States in 2015.[ix] The annual remittances alone could pay for the huge accumulated debt of Illinois, plus that of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, and have a billion left over.[x]


But, it is not for economic, but for culturist reasons that remittances should be severely limited. Banning remittances asks, 'Are you working to enrich your home country or our country?' It suggest to the immigrant, choose a home.


Dual Citizenship


Dual citizenship should be ended. People need to choose, whether they are one of us or not.



Culturist Rights and Media


Public airwaves should once again provide a pro-social, non-pornographic space, that promotes heterosexual family formation and stability. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was formed to enforce community standards via controlling station licensing; it is time the FCC did its culturist job.


In the age of the internet, having public decency laws does not stop people from accessing any type of information they seek. So, these laws will not hamper freedom of speech or access. But, it will send the culturist message that our society esteems morals based on duty to family, nation and civilization. 


Culturist Rights and Zoning Laws


Strip clubs should be pushed to the periphery of cities. Men will still be able to see strippers. But, their partial exile will implicitly convey society's shaming of such behavior.


Culturist Rights and Schools


Pregnant teenagers should be expelled from mainstream public secondary schools. Inculcating a sense of responsibilities and consequences is a primary culturist educational goal. Publicly shaming teen and unwed pregnancy has pushed the rate to near zero in Korea. We achieved the same during our Victorian era. 


School-related grievous violations of morals and / or criminal behavior must be grounds for expulsion. Using individual rights to protect anti-social behaviors likely means that the surrounding studentsÕ education will be interrupted. Other studentsÕ right to education must counterbalance the individualÕs right to disrupt.


Ministry of Culture


Many nations have Ministries of Culture. We have an FCC. But we need a Ministry of Culture or Department of Culture to fund patriotic, traditional American events. If we have fund pro-western artistic institutions and events, the art world will become more patriotic. Propagating the faith is a holy enterprise.