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Here is a summary of Culturist Literary Darwinism. 

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Here is my website dedicated to Matthew Arnold

Buy my 'Founding Mother: Frances Kellor and the Creation of Modern America," profiles the progenitor of multiculturalism in America.  I disagree with nearly all she did.  But, understanding her is important for culturists.  The book is based on my dissertation. 

My book 'Prison Wars: An Inside Account of How the Apocalypse Happened," is my dystopic culturist novel in which masculinity and related drives get used to undermine the West. 

Jack Buckby's "Paradoxical Alliance: An Anglo-American Analysis of the Left's Love Affair with Islam," highlights the university punishing him for starting the National Culturists.  It also hits liberals in their weakness - their promotion of sharia law.

Willem Schinkel's "Imagined Societies: A Critique of Immigrant Integration in Western Europe," is against culturism.  Still, the critique on culturist thought strengthens our rebuttals. 

Scott Hamilton's "Culturism: Why African-Americans Must Stop Blaming Racism for Their Problems and Start Taking Full Responsibility" can be purchased here.

Click here to read my review of Hamilton's "Culturism."