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In the following videos, you can watch me become older and more red-pilled!  Much of what I said, starting in 2007, still makes  a lot of common sense. And, my songs rock!  

Culturist Policy Outlined

Jack Buckby on Matthew Arnold, the first culturist.

Science and the Alt-Right

Culturist John sings the infamous, 'Grab 'em by the ***,' song. 

Culturism and Education

Trump isn't a racist Alt-Right, he isn't even culturist Alt-Light. 

Culturist John Sings 'Imagine'!

Culturist Brooklyn TEA Party pledge

Culturist Brooklyn TEA Party fights mosque construction

USA's Culturist Immigration Policy History

'Culturism' spread the word!

David Truman of the Freedom and Heritage Society of Australia provides broad culturist analysis

Culturist Art Criticism

This speech is on Matthew Arnold and Culturist Literary Darwinism. 

Culturist Bike Stunts

Jack Buckby introduces the National Culturists.

Culturism and Native Americans

Korean Education Conference Speech

Culturism and the Economic Meltdown

The Culturist Brooklyn TEA Party pledge

Jack Buckby's culturist plan to avenge Western universities. 

Culturist, Not Humanist

Culturism is the Ultimate Form of Liberalism

Culturism is Necessary for Britain to Survive

Culturist language policy in India

Culturist Lessons from the Alamo

Jack Buckby lays down culturist gospel. 

Censored Culturist 2012 Presidential Campaign Footage

Dr. Press  on Matthew Arnold, the first culturist!

Culturist Battle Against the Ground Zero Mosque

Muslims control the 9/11 Memorial

Korea, Culturism and Multiculturalism

Culturism Supports Pat Condell's Free Speech

Culturism and philosophy

Culturist Coney Island Mermaids

NYC Candidates' Forum - Culturist Perspective

Culturism, Individualism, and Puritanism

Hamas in New York City

Korea and Culturist Immigration Laws

Culturism, Gay Rights and Proposition 8

Is the West the Best?

Culturist Comedy Clip

Other Culturist Videos

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